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Antibacterial Group

Antibacterial Wipes
(Alcohol Swap)

Alcoholic antibacterial wipes have been especially developed to provide effective protection of hands against tested bacteria. *
It destroys 99.9% of bacteria.

Bucket Wipes
(With Alcohol / Parfume)

Production options are available with alcohol or surface cleaner formulas. The content of our alcohol is 70% Isopropyl.

Antibakteriyel Jel

Antibacterial Gel

Antibacterial gels, which stand out with their 99% effect against viruses, are now available with special logo printing and fast delivery.

Wet Wipes

Custom printed hygienic wet wipes for your company. We respond to your needs within the minimum quantity limit and without color limit as you wish.

Glasses Cleaning Wipe

Glasses cleaning wipes will make the glasses of your glasses sparkling thanks to the solution it contains and will help you to present the image you need.

Refreshing Towel

Standard printed cologne wipes. Turkey, bon appetit, Maiden's Tower, Istanbul view printed handkerchief needs are met without limit of quantity.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Effortless cleaning with a single wipe without the need for a lot of chemicals and cotton.

Buz Jeli

Ice Gel

It is with you in sports, picnic, cold chain and gel compress without melting for a long time.

Hot - Cold Roll Towel

You can gain a place in the hearts of your customers by offering our disposable towels, which we produce as ALM FMCG Group, hot in winter and cold in summer.

Haşere Kovucu Mendil

Pest Repellent Wipes

Paraben-free wipes that will protect you from pests such as mosquitoes, lice and ticks.