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Food Group

Stick Şeker

Stick Sugar

For those who can't drink tea or coffee without sugar. We can pack as much as you want in the weight and size you want.

Stick Tuz

Stick Salt

You can choose our salts, which you can produce from Çankırı's 100% rock salt and use it safely in your meals, with your company logo or standard print.

Stick Esmer Şeker

Stick Brown Sugar

We are happy to include brown sugar, which is relatively healthier in terms of having lower calories and more minerals than white sugar, among our products.

Kare Karabiber

Square Black Pepper

Black pepper is an indispensable spice. For this reason, we offer you in packages in square sizes, each of which corresponds to 1.5 grams. You can choose either your company's logo or our standard printed packaging.

Kare Pul Biber

Square Chilli Powder

Square chili pepper will warm you up with its bitterness and will be friendly to your pocket with its economy.

Pudra Şekeri

Powdered Sugar

You can choose powdered sugar with your company logo or standard print to use in your pastries, cookies and pitas.